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Whisher and ISPs

Whisher offers tailored solutions for ISPs who want to better use the potential of their network and improve their offering - Create a residential hotspot network under your brand - Give access to worldwide commercial hotspots to your subscribers - Integrate with the WISP branch of your company

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Whisher and WISP

One of the big challenges for WISPs is to give an easy access to their networks to mobile devices. Whisher offers a one-click solution allowing users to connect to wireless networks using their standard WiFi manager. It can be coupled to the PC plug-in to give a full connectivity portfolio to the customers

  • Integrate your product portfolio to the Whisher connection plug-in.
  • Add your logo beside the signal name
  • Put your signal at the top of the list
  • Allow automatic connection

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If you are interested to add your network to Whisher’s list of partner roaming networks, please contact us.

Mobile Hardware Manufacturers

Always more devices have WiFi on board, but finding an open hotspot or logging into a commercial hotspot is a hassle. Whisher functionality gives access to thousands of commercial and residential hotspots around the world

  • Offer one-click connection to thousands of hotspots
  • Enable automatic connection / Disconnection

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White Label
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